A Professional Investigator Equals Successful Defense

Your defense lawyer absolutely must use an experienced and skillful professional investigator, preferably an ex-police detective, who has learned how to be a master interrogator and interviewer. The investigator’s mission is to find crucial defense witnesses, interview them and prepare sworn statements establishing reasonable doubt.

If the police identify you as the primary aggressor in a domestic violence incident, it is very likely that the prosecution will file charges against you unless you hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will act swiftly to protect your rights. The Domestic Violence Conspiracy must be exposed in your defense. A thorough and timely investigation will often produce sufficient evidence of innocence to convince a prosecutor to reject your case for the prosecution.

I often employ the services of a reputable polygraph examiner when I feel my client would benefit from this additional defense strategy. In many cases, a prosecutor may be sitting on the fence, uncertain as to whether or not to press forward with prosecuting you.

I use a reputable polygraph examiner who is the training officer for the San Diego Police Department. When my client passes the polygraph test, I will present it to the prosecutor, and this will usually be enough to persuade the prosecutor to reject the case. The results of a private polygraph conducted by our office are strictly confidential unless we decide to use them. If the polygraph is negative or inconclusive, we simply don’t use it. They’re machines and inherently imperfect. That’s why they’re inadmissible in court. However, a skeptical prosecutor may be swayed to reject or dismiss if you pass a polygraph test. Bottom line: we consider this strategy on a case by case basis.

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