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Criminal defense lawyers come in all shapes and sizes. Some have smiling faces on their homepages conveying a feeling of friendliness and warmth; others look lean and mean, like a guard dog ready to pounce on any intruder that comes on the property. But which lawyer is the right one to defend you in your domestic violence case? Here are the factors you must consider in choosing the right attorney to defend you.

Your attorney must carefully listen to your story. When potential clients come into my office for a free confidential consultation, I make it a point to encourage them to tell me their entire story from top to bottom. I listen to their story very attentively, assuring them that everything they tell me is very important. Once a client feels that an attorney is really listening, a bond of trust is formed and the client and attorney become a team working for a common goal: winning the case!

Your attorney must be experienced and battle-tested in defending domestic violence cases. The second important factor in selecting the right defense lawyer is to make sure the attorney has a lot of experience defending domestic violence cases? An attorney may have defended hundreds of DUI cases, but if he has little or no experience in defending domestic violence cases, you need to look in a different direction. Ask the attorney that you’re consulting to tell you about past domestic violence cases, how they were defended and what outcomes were achieved.

Experienced domestic violence defense lawyers should be able to describe specific cases they’ve handled, how these cases were defended, how many jury trials they’ve done and whether they were successful or not. This information will help you select a criminal defense attorney with substantial experience in domestic violence cases. You want to hire a battle-tested veteran trial lawyer who can confidently lead you to victory in your domestic violence case.

Your attorney must be able to explain what strategy will be used to defend you. The attorney should be able to explain, step by step, how the defense strategy is going to produce a successful outcome in your domestic violence case. Ask the attorney to cite specific domestic violence cases he or she has defended, how the defense strategies were developed for them and what kind of results did these defense strategies produce. Ask the attorney to prepare a list of his past domestic violence cases so you can verify that he has the required experience to provide a skillful and thorough defense for your case.

Make sure you consult with the attorney who will actually defend you. Make sure you don’t waste your time talking to some case manager, legal assistant or paralegal whose only agenda is to persuade you to sign a retainer agreement and make the attorney richer. Be direct and simply ask the receptionist if you are going to have your free consultation with the attorney who will actually represent you in your domestic violence case. Once you arrive for the consultation, be sure to ask the person you’re meeting with if he or she is the actual attorney who will represent you.

I would insist upon an email confirming that the person conducting the initial consultation is the actual attorney who will defend you. Don’t let some attorney use a salesman to lure you into a contract. It may be very cost-effective for the attorney, but it could prove very costly to your defense.

Hire your defense attorney as soon as possible. The earlier you start your defense, the greater chance you will achieve a successful outcome. The earlier you get started defending a domestic violence case, the greater success you’ll have in avoiding criminal prosecution. A prosecutor has a sworn duty to reject a criminal case if the prosecutor is given evidence which raises a reasonable doubt about the truth of the charges. Your defense attorney should immediately devise a strategy specifically designed to find sufficient evidence to raise a reasonable doubt about the allegations. I routinely assign my clients’ cases to veteran professional investigators who are human bloodhounds when it comes to finding important evidence favorable to my clients.

Your Attorney should write a letter to the prosecutor asking the prosecutor to reject your case. Once we find sufficient evidence establishing reasonable doubt, I write a letter to the prosecutor and promptly urge the prosecutor to reject my client’s case. Convincing the prosecutor to reject charges is the best possible outcome for a person who has been arrested on charges of domestic violence. After all, wouldn’t you rather not have to go to court than to defend charges that could take up six to nine months to resolve?

If you hire me, I’ll guarantee you that I will immediately search for evidence sufficient to establish reasonable doubt, and, then, move quickly to convince the prosecutor to reject your case.

Your Attorney should write a letter asking for dismissal of the case if charges have already been filed. What if you hired me as your attorney AFTER charges have been filed and my excellent defense strategy finds evidence establishing reasonable doubt in your case? I would immediately write a letter to the prosecutor containing the evidence that establishes reasonable doubt and demand a prompt dismissal of all charges.

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