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Almost all sex offenses require a convicted defendant to register as a sex offender under Penal code section 290. This is perhaps the worst of all potential penalties a convicted sex crimes defendant will face except for potentially huge life prison sentences. That’s why the law offices of Stephen Brodsky gets right to work for clients charged with sex crimes. We hire the best investigators an experts to examine the prosecution’s very often flawed evidence and we find the flaws and our expert writes a report that the DA will consider in deciding whether or not to file charges.

Sex Crime laws in California have become increasingly more severe over the last twenty years. The prosecutor offices are funded by special interest groups that place a lot of pressure on law enforcement and prosecutors to charge and prosecute people alleged to have committed a sex crime.

This has resulted in record numbers of false allegations that result in wrongful convictions and destroyed lives.

We make it our priority to level the playing field with the police and prosecutors in sex crime cases. We start fighting these cases early and collect evidence of our clients’ innocence which often results in the rejection or dismissal of criminal charges.

We employ only the most experienced attorneys, professional investigators, and experts on our sex crime defense teams and that is why our record of success is so exceptional.

I defended this 26-year-old landscape architect who had a party at his house. A girl was bumping and grinding up against him all night while they danced. A lot of people were at the party and were potential witnesses to this seductive behavior. But we won the case when my client and this unknown girl retired to his bedroom and started making love.

Unknown to both of them, another kid at the party was sick and decided to lie down on the client’s bed. He saw the woman aggressively initiate sexual intercourse. She was somewhat intoxicated but no more than the other kids at the party. When she realized her boyfriend might find out that she had sex with this stranger, the girl screamed and her friends called the cops. The cops came to the client’s house and immediately arrested him without even interviewing a single witness.

I hired an ex-sex crimes detective, now retired, and he took a sworn statement under oath from the sick guy lying in the client’s bed and observing all of the CONSENSUAL sexual activity. I gave the affidavit to the DA assigned to the case and he dispatched his own investigator to interview the same witness. He got the same statement. The DA rejected the case for insufficient evidence…i.e. the victim lied because she wanted her boyfriend to think that client had forced himself on her. Untrue. This quick action saved my client from unbelievable stress and potential life imprisonment for rape and sex registration for life.

If you get charged with a sex crime, please do not procrastinate, because time is true of the essence in building a strong and successful defense.

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