Recent Case Successes

Assault With A Firearm – NOT GUILTY

Assault and Battery

32-year-old Border Patrol agent charged with assaulting a neighbor with a gun. NOT GUILTY-SAN DIEGO SUPERIOR COURT. A 22-year-old neighbor threatened to kill a client’s wife and some neighborhood children with a large hunting knife.

DUI Charges Dismissed- DISMISSED

Driving Under the Influence

Driving Under The Influence (DUI) Charges Dismissed Our client, a 21-year-old male, went camping with friends. The three friends got drunk together. One of our client’s friends then got into an SUV and drove on a local highway.

FBI – Criminal Threat- DISMISSED

Criminal Threat PC §422

Criminal Threat With a Firearm Charges Dismissed against man arrested for threatening to shoot an FBI agent with a shotgun. Our client, a 34-year-old male, and his mother had been receiving death threats from a neighbor for several weeks.

Terrorist Threat- DISMISSED

Criminal Threat PC §422

Act Of Terrorism – Charges Dismissed Charges dismissed against man arrested for threatening to blow up a plane at the San Diego airport. My client, a 47-year-old Las Vegas resident, was at the San Diego airport waiting to board a flight home.

Cocaine Possession For Sale -NOT GUILTY

Drug Offenses

Cocaine Possession For Sale Mexican national charged with cocaine possession for sale found not guilty. My client, a 43-year-old Mexican national, had met a coworker after work at a local bar.

Conspiracy To Smuggle Marijuana -NOT GUILTY

Navy seaman found not guilty in Federal Court for conspiracy to smuggle marijuana across the Mexican border. A shipmate persuaded my client, a 21-year old navy seaman, to go to Mexico to buy a used auto at a discounted price.


Driving Under the Influence

Man Found not guilty for DUI arrest in San Diego. Police stopped my client, a 38-year-old male, who had been driving up highway 101 at 40mph in a 35mph zone in San Diego.

Assault With A Gun / Attempted Murder- NOT GUILTY

Violent Crimes

My client, a Border Patrol agent, exited his home with his duty firearm after a 22-year-old neighbor threatened to kill my client’s wife and some children with a large hunting knife.