Your Juvenile Crime Defense Attorneys In San Diego

If you have a child in trouble, you may feel helpless. With the right San Diego Juvenile Defense Team, you can do a lot to help, if you act quickly. Your child’s future depends on it. You need a lawyer who knows the Juvenile Justice System, works with the right experts and will fight to protect your child.

Juvenile Justice System

There are important differences between the juvenile and adult justice systems.
Under juvenile law – except in rare instances – juveniles are not entitled to a jury trial. For better or worse, a judge is the one who hears the evidence and decides whether your son or daughter is guilty or not guilty. If your son or daughter is a minor who has been arrested for committing a crime, it is important that you have a juvenile defense attorney who is experienced in litigating cases in front of a juvenile judge. The lawyer must be confident enough to challenge the judge – especially if the judge is biased against your child or does not understand some important issues of evidence or substantive law in the case during trial. The lawyer you choose also needs to thoroughly understand juvenile law in order to build a solid winning defense strategy on your child’s behalf. This will involve a rigorous investigation conducted by a professional investigator and the involvement of certain experts if your child’s case warrants this kind of a team effort. MyCriminalDefense is your field general who marshals all this important information, evaluates it, and prepares a winning defense strategy for your son or daughter!

Alternative Resolutions

When taking a case to trial is not considered in your child’s best interests, another winning defense strategy is to persuade the court to give your son or daughter a chance at informal probation. This means that if your son or daughter follows the probation officer’s supervision plan, the charges against the minor can be dismissed after a period of time—usually, six months after your child is placed on the plan for informal probation. San Diego Juvenile criminal defense attorney Stephen R. Brodsky has often been successful in persuading juvenile court judges to allow minor clients to be placed on informal probation which means your son or daughter neither denies nor admits the charges, but performs some community service or undergoes some counseling, and, at the end of six months, the Court will dismiss the charges with proof of completing this obligation.

There are other similar strategies that a criminal defense lawyer, experienced and skilled in defending juvenile crimes, can successfully present in your child’s defense which will result in the dismissal of the charges. Remember, the best criminal defense attorneys will always have a winning attitude and defense strategy that keeps your child from being permanently stained with damaging criminal adjudication.

Even though the juvenile justice system is committed to rehabilitating juvenile offenders, prosecutors, probation officers, and police tend to be very aggressive about prosecuting minors—almost as if the offenders were legal adults. This is another reason that you need an experienced juvenile defense attorney to defend your son or daughter. You need a good lawyer to level the playing field and fight to preserve your child’s freedom, record and future!

My Criminal Defense has skilled and experienced juvenile/minors defense lawyers who have represented many children in the juvenile justice system. Some have more than 27 years of experience practicing criminal law and our attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of juveniles who have been charged with committing crimes. Your child’s record and freedom are too important to entrust to an inexperienced lawyer.